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Sandgrens Clogs; On The Pulse of Fashion

Lisa from The Consumer Adviser is sharing her love for Sangrens Clogs and giving my readers an opportunity to win their choice of Sandgrens.     

Fashionistas along with practical mamas can appreciate Sandgrens Clogs.  This company was once known as Ugglebo, and they are staples in producing the finest clog shoes throughout the world. 

What makes them unique?  The use of top quality leathers as well as other high quality materials comprise their handcrafted clogs.  This results in durability and comfort. 

Sandgrens also keeps their fingers on the pulse of fashion while maintaining a classic element to their shoes. 

Along with clog boots, Sandgrens got ya covered for all the seasons. Sandgrens also carries clogs for that avant-garde man in your life along with a more traditional clog shoe.  

Clog Shoes for men

Now the lovely folks at Sandgrens is offering a giveaway for winner's choice of shoes valuing up to $239.00

Open worldwide.  Some countries may be obliged to pay a custom fee, please view Sandgrens shipping policy.   Begins on 1/22 at 1:00 AM and ends on 2/5 at 11:59 PM

Use the very simple form below to enter.  One mandatory entry and a few extras to increase your odds. Please note: for your tweets to count they must be open to the public and not protected.

This blog did not receive any compensation for this post.  For additional question please contact lisa at 

Flash Giveaway: $70.00 Modern Greetings GC

My Insane life  Is helping The Consumer Adviser promote Modern Greetings last and final  Second Honeymoon Contest by offering a $70.00 Gift Voucher to Modern Greetings.  The voucher will be in the form of a gift code that will arrive via email.     

Modern Greetings offers a magnificent selection of Greeting Cards, photo books and so much more along with a fun design tool with easy customization.  

Second honeymoon contest: Don't miss this opportunity to win a second, or even a first, honeymoon.  Modern Greetings is awarding three thousand dollars to enjoy your destination of choice. Skiing in Vermont? or perhaps relaxing by the beach, the choice is yours.  Visit this link to learn more.

Now for the Giveaway:

Win a $70.00 Modern Greetings Gift Voucher.  This is a flash giveaway, meaning this giveaway will be over in a flash, so hurry and enter!

Starts 1/7 12 AM and ends on 1/10 at 11:59 PM

Use Rafflecoptor to enter this giveaway. For your tweets to count they must be open to the public and not protected.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I received no compensation for sharing this giveaway 

Review | Giveaway - Decompression Belt

 My poor grandmother suffers with the worst lower back pain, so I'm entering to win a Decompression Belt from Ho to help alleviate the pain.  This looks like a really great product and I'm thrilled to have discovered this giveaway.  If I don't win perhaps I'll break down and buy it, after all I don't want my grandmother to have to suffer.   Learn more by visiting the below link:

 Use This Decompression Belt to Ease Your Back Pain for Good

Affordable Natural Soap from Down Under

Welcome to the Australian Natural Soap Event brought to you by Lisa from The Consumer Adviser and promoted by a topnotch group of bloggers.

Those of us that live in the U.S. can surely appreciate the depth of the struggling economy.  Many of us fight just provide our families with the basic necessities.  Yet, none of us want to sacrifice the health of our loved ones by providing cheap unsavory foodstuff or personal care products.  When it comes to cleaning products I have been using basic white distilled vinegar and baking soda.  A true classic.

Soap is a necessity, ya gotta have soap.  I actually love soap, the good soap not the stuff that's available in supermarkets or drug stores. Sure it's cheap, but it's also garbage.   I recently discovered Australian Natural Soap.  What makes their soaps so exceptional is the natural ingredients.  You won't find animal fats or hash astringents that dry out the skin.  Oh, but lets not forget about the unpronounceable chemicals and fillers contained in traditional bar soaps.  Not the kind of stuff I want my family using.

In stark contrast Australian Natural Soaps contain plant oils and botanicals. The soaps are available in both vegan and vegetarian formulations.   No nasty animal fat. 

French Milled Soap equals longer lasting soaps

You can purchase craft soaps for only three dollars each.  That really is a remarkable value for the quality.  Want an even greater savings? purchase bulk soap for a total of two dollars per bar. You won't find a better value soap for this quality.

Variety is the spice of life. There really is something for everyone as far as fragrance or type of soap.   Spa soap, luxury guest soap and even gift soaps which I feel make a luxuriously practical gift.

These soaps are a pleasure to use..they smell amazing and won't dry out your skin OR break your budget.  For more info visit

Now for the giveaway

 Three winners will each receive their choice of the 8 count box of the wrapped soaps or the ten count box of the craft soaps.  This is up to a $32 value each.   

Use the Rafflecoptor easy entry form to enter this giveaway.    Please note:  for your tweets to count they must be open to the public and not protected. 

 Giveaway open to US and will run from 12/23 AM through to 1/3 11:59 PM (eastern time) 
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The Ugly Truth In The Beauty Industry

It's no secret that the average women expends a great deal of funds in the quest to look good.  I recently read a statistic that Jennifer Aniston shells out close to two thousand dollars on skin treatments and products monthly.  I'm not sure of the accuracy of that particular stat, but I perceive Jennifer as being relatively low maintenance. Looking naturally beautiful apparently comes at a price.

What many people don't realize is that the beauty industry is big business.  In order to secure a generous profit, companies compromise on what goes in their products.    They do this at the expense of the consumer.   These "high-end" and low-end products are laden with chemicals and additives.  Many of these ingredients have already been proven to be harmful to one's health.  So when we buy into the promises that these products claim to produce, we end up paying a hefty price in mores ways than one.

There are, however, reputable brands that strive to be truly natural by not compromising on their products.  It took a little effort for me to unearth these products because they tend to fly under the radar.  The brands that have earned my respect deliver in both quality of product as well as efficacy.  This is not exactly an easy feat.  I tried a host of naturally pure products from mom-and-pop operations that seek to deliver a truly good product, but they failed to produce positive results.  The purpose of this post is to put a deserved spotlight on the good guys that do produce quality products.

Products that deliver in both efficacy and quality of ingredients

Hylunia.  Science and nature come together to create products that are powerful.  Truly delivers high on results. I can't live without their anti-aging/age prevention products which feature Retinol and their own patented Peptide solution.  100% Vegan.

I can't thank SeabuckWonders enough for holding a contest.  Sadly I didn't win, but I was introduced to the company and products.  Simply lovely and delightful to use, a luxurious experience that won't break you budget.  Without a doubt the best skincare products containing Sea Buckthorn that I've tried.

Pure organic, fair-traded argan oil.  Eden Allure has high standards for their Moroccan Argan oil.  The result is a beautiful oil that is high in nutrients and the perfect moisturizer.  A fraction of the the competitor's cost.  A must-have for your beauty arsenal.

L'uvalla products are purely organic and purely lovely.  One of the most purest companies to really deliver a unadulterated quality product.   L'uvalla also won over a bevy of celebrities with their line of quality skincare that delivers results at a very affordable price.

Moringa Source brings us top quality products made with Moringa Oleifera.  The nutrient packed superfood has both internal and external benefits.  I discovered the pure Moringa Oil is much like Argan Oil.  A very inexpensive beauty must-have.

I'm sure most of you are already familiar with Reviva Labs.  There are a few products from this company that are unsurpassed in quality and price.  Meaning you won't find a comparable product for the price.

Au Naturel Ayurveda offers holistic bath and body products. Their unique proprietary blend of ingredients offers pure luxury with added aromatherapy.

Annmarie Gianni set out to make pure good-for-you products.  Not even the tiniest bit of preservative touches her skincare.  The result of her endeavor is a line of luxury products that nourish the skin from the inside out while delighting the senses.

A true beauty junkie must include a beauty website.  Iderma wins out due to easy navigation, product disclosure and their willingness to price match products found at a lower price elsewhere.  Basically they offer the best prices.

ToiletTree Products is new on the beauty scene.  They won me over with their oral irragator and more recently with their Professional Skincare System that accomplishes everything of a pricey sonic cleanser.  This is a very luxurious cleaning system at a phenomenal price.  I'm hoping to see more from these folks.

You don't have to spend a fortune to obtain beautiful skin.  The skincare products above are truly natural and deliver top results.   I only use products from these brands and I receive more compliments on my skin then ever before, and that includes all my other skincare phases.  It really demonstrates that there are no long term benefits in smearing over-priced inferior ingredients on your skin.

Would you like to try some of these products for yourself?  All of the folks behind these brands have offered to supply one of you fine folks some of their amazing products.  Some of which were hand picked by me, so you are actually getting my faves.

L'uvalla has generously offered to sponsor their Balancing System which consist of three full size products each designed to hydrate all skin types.   Gentle Foaming Cleanser, Rejuvenating Eucalyptus  Cleanser and the Balancing Day/Night Cream.  Valued at $110.00

Hylunia is sponsoring their Beyond Complex C. This is Packed full of anti-aging ingredients and retails for $84

SeabuckWonders is sponsoring their Natural Skincare Program. Four full size products include: Sea Buckthorn Body Lotion, Face Serum, Face Cleanser and Body Lotion.  You can purchase this system on their site for $73.84 sold separately the products amount to over $100

Au Naturel Ayurveda is offering full size products of their SHREE Jasmine Body Cleanser, SHREE Saffron Body Moisturizer and the SHREE Revitalizing Soap. A retail value of $50.00

Reviva Labs is offering the Organic Cleansing Milk, Tan Without Sun, Under Eye Dark Circle Serum and Seaweed Soap.  This is a $51.50 value

Vivoderm is offering their amazing Anti-Aging Mask.  This retails for $75.00

Moringa Source is offering 2 ounce size of their Moringa Oil and 2 ounce size of their Moringa Body Butter.  $30.00 value

 Eden Allure is offering a 2.2 ounce size of their Argan Oil and two organic bar soaps. $30.00

Iderma is offering the Glow Minerals Sheer Tint Base and the Glow Minerals Under Eye Concealer. $60.00

ToiletTree Products are offering their Professional Skincare System.  $32.00

Annmarie Gianni is offering the Aloe-Herb Cleanser that retails for $24.95

That is over six hundred dollars worth of some very fine products.    Hylunia and Reviva Labs are unable to ship to Canada, so if the first winner drawn is Canadian you will receive everything listed above except the products from Hylunia and Reviva Labs.  A second winner will then be drawn and will receive those products.

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Welcome to A Beautiful You Giveaway Event

hosted by The Consumer Adviser Looking to increase your network followers?  Here's you chance thanks to these amazing sponsors: Hylunia Reviva Labs SeabuckWonders L'uvalla Vivoderm Eden Allure iderma ToiletTree Moringa Souce Annmarie Gianni You will receive a free network link with announcement post and event post (choices: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Friend Connect & Picket Fence) Optional links: $2.00 next two links, one dollar for the forth link and the fifth link will be free. Click here for the announcement code

 Dates 11/12 through 12/10  Giveaway open to both US and Canada All Can participate Visit this link to sign up  I will be closing the form once I reach forty participants `

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